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Northern Air has equipped our Beech 1900D aircraft with specialized bariatric equipment. With a door width of 53 inches and a stretcher and loading ramp built for bariatric transfers, Northern Air is your best choice for moving patients that cannot be safely transported in traditional medical evacuation aircraft. The 1900D is uniquely suited for this type of mission with its large door and ability to carry more medical personnel, which is often needed when dealing with complications arising from transporting larger patients.

Leveraging our considerable experience in the air ambulance field we offer a new level of service to the medical community. We partner with experienced medical providers to ensure that bariatric transfers are done with the same level of care and safety as normal medivac operations.

Bariatric Ramp

1900D Facts

  • Cruise Speed: 325 mph (525 km/h)
  • Ceiling: 25,000 ft
  • Range: 1300 miles (with IFR reserves)
  • Runway Required: 3,500 ft
  • Seats (Medical Configuration): 14
  • Stretchers: 1
  • Max Weight: 17,120 lbs


Bariatric Air Ambulance questions

  • What special equipment do you have?
    Our modifications to our 1900D were designed specifically for transporting bariatric patients. The Stretcher, LifePort, and Ramp are all built for the purpose of transporting individuals that cannot be safely moved using traditional medivac aircraft like King Air's.
  • What benefits does the 1900D offer for bariatric transfer over traditional aircraft?
    The 1900D can carry substantial loads which means it can carry extra medics, a heavy patient, and equipment without limiting its range. It has a large cargo door which facilitates easy loading, a fast cruise speed, and the ability to handle most runways.
  • I am looking to arrange a bariatric air ambulance, how much notice is required?
    Our aircraft can usually be airborne in an hour.



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